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COVID-19 Screening

Prior to each appointment you attend, we need you to confirm whether you can answer "Yes" to any of the following questions. We will be able to provide further information regarding options if this is the case.

For the safety of our staff, other patients, and yourself, please be truthful in your answers. 



NZ Dental Council COVID-19 Epidemiological Questionnaire:


1. Do you or any member of your household have COVID-19 or are you waiting for a COVID-19 PCR test result? (not a routine surveillance test result)


2. Are you required to self-isolate (including arrival from overseas)?


3. Do you have ANY of the following symptoms now, or in the last 14 days?

• Fever, acute cough or shortness of breath

• Muscle aches, loss of smell, sore throat

• Generally feeling unwell with no other likely diagnosis


4. Do you have any other reason to think that you are at risk of having COVID-19?